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【KCDR-001】「altego e.p.」 Keishi Oka [CD-R]

from Tokyo / JPN Caremusic & Dustcore by Keishi Oka 1st E.P. -

■ Keishi Oka
『altego e.p.』

[title] altego e.p.
[artist] Keishi Oka
[number] KCDR-001
[price] ¥500 (tax-in) - Limited 500
[release] 2012/06/09 (sat) 
[lable] Kebab Records 
[distribution] Bridge Inc.
[include] 5 tracks+@
[format] CD-R
[spec] Nonwoven Case+Booklet (2P/2P+Lyrics Card)
[rec] 2012

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【track list 
① altego (e.p.mix)
② chapter Ⅰ
③ decompose (e.p.mix)
④ chapter Ⅱ
⑤ L-6
※ architecture (e.p.mix) <bonus track>

All Tracks Written by Keishi Oka / Takeshi Kubo (Diego) [bonus track]


■ Produced & Directed by Keishi Oka
■ Recorded & Mixed & Mastered by kebabman.
■ Recorded & Mixed & Mastered at studio kebab
■ Designed & Art Worked by Keishi Oka
■ Graphic Art Designed by kebabman.
■ Manufactured by Kebab Records

・Keishi Oka - Vo / Gu / Key / Programming 
・Tatsuya Yokota - Ba [M3]

【M1】「altego」 (e.p.mix)
【M3】「decompose」 (e.p.mix) 
【bonus track】「architecture」 (e.p.mix)